Introducing the "For People Like You" Multimedia campaign from faithHighway. An exciting new multi-media approach to reaching the lost and connecting them to your church.

Campaign Features:
  • Six Powerful Outreach Television Commmercials
  • Themed Professionally Designed Campaign Website
  • Exclusive Rights In Your Community
  • Streaming Commercials, Streaming Welcome Video, Podcasting
  • Blogging Section
  • Inclusion of faithHighway's NEW SermonConnect Product
  • Pastor Capability to Upload, Stream, and Podcast Sermons
Brazosport Christian Center
After owning the commercials for a year, the church decided to commit to getting them on the air. They started an evangelism explosion class, which went out on Monday nights. They began targeting apartment complexes, and knocking on doors. When meeting people they started hear, ''Oh yeah, you're the church on TV.'' Pastor Scott is very pumped that the commercials have paved the way to an open door. They had thirty people saved over the course of five Mondays!

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